Hi everyone! I am Dinithi. I recently graduated from University of Colombo with a degree in Computer Science. Right after graduation, I applied and got selected for an Outreachy internship. Outreachy is a three-month paid internship that runs twice a year where participants contribute to free and open-source software projects. The internships take place in May and December, and I was selected for the May 2021 cohort. For my Outreachy internship, I will be working with Common Workflow Language. In this blog, I will be sharing my experience of the Outreachy internship.

Latest from the Blog…

  • Internship Wrap-Up
    Hi everyone! This will be the final blog in the series of blogs I wrote in line with my Outreachy internship. My internship has finally reached its end; three months went by so quickly. In this blog, I will discuss how the internship has been for me. Outreachy has beenContinue reading “Internship Wrap-Up”
  • Career Interests
    My internship with Outreachy is nearing its end. In this blog, I will be discussing my career interests and what I plan to pursue after the end of my internship. I have been interested in biology and computer science for a long time and bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary fields thatContinue reading “Career Interests”
  • Modifying Expectations
    I am now halfway through my Outreachy internship with Common Workflow Language. In this blog post, I will discuss what I have achieved so far in my internship and how the path I took to get to this point, has differed from what was planned originally. In the initial proposedContinue reading “Modifying Expectations”
  • My Outreachy Project
    In this blog, I will be discussing the project I am working on during my Outreachy internship. The organization I am working with during the internship is Common Workflow Language. My project is to develop a translator to translate Bioinformatics workflows in Workflow Description Language (WDL) to Common Workflow LanguageContinue reading “My Outreachy Project”

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